Connecticut NeuroPsychologist: Testimonials

Testimonial from parents Ray and Marta in Connecticut

As parents raising a daughter with “Special Needs, “ we had a lot of unanswered questions about our daughter’s needs regarding both her education and life in general.  These questions left our heads spinning with worry and wondering what to do next. When we asked questions and voiced our concerns to the professionals working with our daughter the answers we got were vague at best and gave us very little satisfaction. We felt like we were trying to put a puzzle together with pieces (information) missing. We got to the point where we began to feel like we couldn’t trust anybody. Who could we turn to? What do we do next? We felt like her life and the quality of her future was slipping away.

Then someone pointed us in the direction of Dr Ciocca. We sat down with Dr. Ciocca for an initial consultation.  She was understanding and supportive from the beginning, but at the same time upfront, straightforward and honest. She listened to our concerns and assured us that she would do all she could to find answers to our questions. Dr. Ciocca explained that she would be doing a psychological evaluation by testing our daughter in many different areas. These tests would reveal her strengths, weaknesses and everything in between. After the written evaluation and analysis of the test results, Dr. Ciocca came up with a viable, realistic customized plan that addressed our daughter’s educational needs as well as life skills abilities. There is no doubt in our minds that Dr. Ciocca’s knowledge, experience and expertise allowed us to provide those professionals working with our daughter a credible Evaluation Report. Dr. Ciocca’s Evaluation Report contained indisputable factual documentation and the proof we needed to make a better life happen for our daughter. Our questions were finally answered. We knew what we needed to do next and our daughter was finally given a “fair” chance to succeed in life. Thanks to Dr. Ciocca goals could be set at a realistic level in line with her abilities.

Who was going to set the goals? Who was going to oversee our daughter’s developmental progress, help her cope with challenges and monitor her overall well-being? She needed the help and support of a therapist. So, we enlisted the help of neuropsychologist Dr. Deborah Gilmour Psy.D., B.S.N., R.N., B.C.H.T., who is part of the professional group in the office with Dr. Ciocca. Dr. Gilmour’s knowledge and years of experience in the field of neuropsychology has proven to be invaluable. Because of Dr. Gilmour’s therapy, support and guidance our daughter has reached goals and achieved a quality of life we would have never dreamed possible. Thanks to Dr. Gilmour our daughter has learned the skills necessary for coping with and solving some of life’s problems on her own. We know her life will always have its challenges, but because of her on-going therapy with Dr. Gilmour she continues to make steady forward progress.

Testimonial from parents Sean and Caroline, Wilton, Connecticut

Dr. Ciocca and Dr. Coyle were recommended to us by the legal consultant we hired for our son with autism. They were both very helpful to us in deciding how to proceed with plans for our nineteen year old son’s future. Dr. Ciocca conducted an outstanding neuropsychological evaluation on him. Every educational professional who read it was impressed with the thoroughness of the evaluation. They conducted an on-site evaluation of the school James was attending at the time, and their observations were significant in helping us decide what to do, and in gaining the school district’s cooperation in how we wished to proceed with James’ education. Dr. Coyle did an extensive search for placements for James and found several which we explored. We are thrilled with one of the places she found, where he is currently residing.

In addition to being highly competent and professional, both Dr. Ciocca and Dr. Coyle are warm and caring people, and easy to work with. They understood James very quickly and appreciated and enjoyed him. We are so grateful to have found them and appreciative of the major role they played in helping us proceed along the best path for James. We highly recommend both of them to you.

Testimonial from parents Mark and Holly in Charlotte, North Carolina

I have many friends and professional colleagues in the Northeast. I reside in Charlotte, NC. Dr. Cristina Ciocca was referred to us as an expert clinical neuropsychologist. Our 9 year old daughter was struggling in school and had been throughout her primary grades. My husband and I made the decision to bring our daughter to Connecticut to be assessed by Dr. Ciocca. Jordan immediately bonded with Dr. Ciocca as her rapport was amicable and so very comfortable. Dr. Ciocca steered Jordan successfully though the assessment. We received ourformal report and shared it at our daughter’s educational planning meeting with the team. The Head of the Lower School noted to us that they had never received such a comprehensive and thorough neuropsycholoical report before. The assessed diagnosis and educational recommendations were woven into our daughter’s educational programming. We are pleased to share that, with thepecific support needed, the past 2 years have been very successful ones for Jordan.

We plan to return to CT to have her re-evaluation done by Dr. Ciocca in the summer of 2013 as we will be preparing for her transition from middle to high school.

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